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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Suckers for punishment!

North Notts College were back in again working on the path. They carried on with their great work ethic and teamwork and laid more red shale down which was then compressed with a wacker-plate to make it more weather resistant.

The Conservation Area is really taking shape and this area will be used for events and walks in the future.

How many?

After seeing frogspawn a while back I was hopeful of lots of tadpoles, but when only a few turned up when we were pond dipping I was worried.
Never fear though as when I went out yesterday I was greeted by hundreds of them!!!

How many can you spot???

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Events at Rufford

Whats Happening this April/May at Rufford?

Saturday 5th April – Monday 21st April 
Easter Hunt
The Easter Bunny has lost some Easter eggs around Rufford Park.  Can you find all of the eggs including the secret golden egg?  Trail leaflets on sale from Visitor Information for £1.00.  Return completed trails to receive a reward!

Saturday 26th April – Sunday 27th April
Historical Bazaar
11am – 4.30pm Daily, Free event but car park charges apply
Dress to impress in period style and come along to our annual historical multi-period bring and buy sale! With something of interest for every visitor, historical trader, enthusiast, re-enactor, historical group and schoolchild, there’s plenty to look at including period vehicles, living history activities and displays taking place throughout the weekend.

Tuesday 27th May 10am – 11.30am
Pond Dipping - Come and join the Ranger Service and explore the murky depths of Rufford’s Wetland. With simple identification keys you will learn to identify the variety of aquatic life that call Rufford’s waterways home. **

Wednesday 28th May 10am - 12.00am
Minibeast Hunting Come and join the Ranger Service on a mini beast hunt through the woodland and discover what lurks in the under growth of Rufford’s historic landscape. Explore under logs and around the trees and use simple identification keys to see what invertebrates call the woodland floor home.**

** £2.00 per child, all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Come dressed for outdoor play as you may get wet and muddy!
Meet in the Coach House Courtyard at the Abbey end of the park.
Places are limited, pre - booking essential. Ring the Ranger team on 01623 821335

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pond Dipping Success!

A very productive morning down the Wetland today was had by all. The Ranger Service held a pond dipping event which was so popular we had to turn people away, but we do have another one on the 27th May but placed are limited again. Below are some images of creatures the avid pond dippers found.

They include;
Leech, Water Boatman (greater and lesser), Water Flea (thousands of), Tadpoles, Pond Skater, Flatworm, Pond Snails, Mayfly Nymphs and Water Hoglouse.

Keep an eye out for our other events advertised on the blog and at Rufford Country Park in the courtyard.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sweet, sixteen ducklings!

Here are the photos as promised of the ducklings. This female Mallard nests on a neighbouring property every year in their Ivy. It has large broods of ducklings but this year pushed the limit!!
16 tiny mouths to feed. She will be a very busy mummy duck.

These images were provided by the neighbouring property. They expertly guided the mummy duck in to our Conservation Area where there will be lots of food and shelter for her whole family. Keep your eyes peeled for more ducklings on the lake.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Swallows have arrived......

Multiple sightings of Swallows arriving at Rufford over the last week. They have migrated all the way from Africa and they return to the area where they nested in previous years.

Also a Mallard has had a brood of 16 ducklings!! More pictures to follow.