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Conservation Vols

Here at Rufford we rely on Volunteers to help with certain aspects of environmental management.
Both Wild Sherwood and our Conservation Volunteers help immensely in the upkeep of these areas.

Yesterday (22.2.14) the Conservation Volunteers sidetracked from their recent Rhododendron bashing duties (Rhododendron is an invasive woody plant) and focussed on giving the bird hide in the Wetland Conservation site a new lease of life.

As you can see from the pictures they did a sterling job and have started putting shutter boards down on an area of the path yet to be done. This pathway will then be worked on next week by North Notts College.

Wild Sherwood have been doing some fantastic work on our Wetland Conservation site, they have been doing everything, including;

  • Laying a new path 
  • Willow coppicing
  • Creating a dead hedge
  • Clearing an area for a bird feeding station
  • Installing habitats to attract more Wildlife
  • Willow weaving a fence
  • Felling trees

Here is some info on how you can get involved;

Conservation Volunteers
Rufford Rangers are continuing their conservation days which will be held on Saturdays – usually the 2nd and last of the month and will start at 10.30am and conclude at 4pm. We meet in the Coach House courtyard and you will need to bring a flask and packed lunch. Please check the weather forecast and dress appropriately for what may be fairly heavy and dirty work, (including stout footwear). Please note that programmed work days will continue in all but the severest of weather. (Participants must be 18 years or over)

March             8th & 29th
April                12th
May                 10th & 31st
June                14th
July                  12th

Summer Break
September     13th & 20th - (2nd & 3rd Saturday)
October          11th & 25th
November      8th& 29th
December      13th
Steve, Rich, Leanne, Steph and Jo look forward to working with you over the coming months. Questions or queries to Steve on 01623 821334 or steve.koefoed@nottscc.gov.uk 

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