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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A harrowing task

Molehills are a prevalent problem at Rufford and one way of flattening them down is to use something called a chain harrow. It fastens on the back of most tractors and all terrain vehicles and gives a football pitch like effect after driving up a field one way then the opposite.
Chain harrowing can be used in many situations, 
  • Pasture renovation
  • Breaking up and levelling heavy soil
  • Stimulating growth by loosening thatch and aerating
  • Spreading manure
  • Clearing moss
  • Working compressed soil

Above it shows the flattening of molehills and clearing of loose debris on our grassed area outside the Abbey. This was undertaken by our very enthusiastic 70 year old worker.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Rufford ringing

Another successful bird ringing session took place at Rufford yesterday with an impressive 86 birds identified, sexed and aged. 
Totals were as follows;

Other birds spotted were Brambling and Bullfinch

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Trailcam findings

The wildlife camera got dusted off and put out the other day to see what was lurking at Rufford. Surprisingly it caught a Fox scavenging in the day not long after the camera went out, note the times below each image. Also seen was a Heron.

The day after the fox was back, passing regularly through the night.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bloomin early

Last year we thought the
Daffodils bloomed early
but this year has outdone it!
Along the main drive you
can find emerging
splashes of yellow

Lesser Spotted Rufford Car Park Finch

Above is an image sent in by A.Hawfinch, he sent this image in showing the distribution of the elusive Lesser Spotted Rufford Car Park Finch, often seen in small flocks around tarmacked areas, occasionally feeding and running around when a predator flies over.

On a serious note, both Hawfinch and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker have been seen most mornings this week. 

Image taken at Rufford Country Park of a female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pressing benches

Here at Rufford it is not all about fluffy animals, lovely walks and park management........there are loads of other jobs that need doing around the park. Included in this is the upkeep of around 240 benches. They come in various shapes and forms including wooden and recycled plastic. It is the job of our resident handyman to fix rotten legs, screw down loose slats and re-varnish any tired looking benches. Below are a few photos of the process. 

One of the many jobs undertaken by staff which is often overlooked.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Christmas Done & Dusted

Christmas has been busy and our new and improved Santa’s trail has been a success. Now Christmas is all packed away, the ranger team are now busying themselves with tree work before the bird nesting season starts. As well as concentrating on up and coming events that 2015 will be playing host to. Planning and preparation for our trails and events usually gets underway 6 months to a year before it takes place. We are already discussing ideas for Christmas 2015.