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Monday, 6 October 2014

Trails, bird feeders and minibeast hunting!

Last week we had a school group in to do some environmental activities.
There were 3 groups, so we had them doing different activities throughout the day.
Their arrival was staggered so the early groups went out looking for different colours, shapes and textures of leaves. They did brilliantly and glued them to tree outlines to make a leaf tree.
After all groups were present one went off to hunt for minibeasts, the second went off to do a tree leaf trail and the third group made a pine cone bird feeder smothered in lard and seed.
Fun was had by all and loads of stuff was found whilst minibeast hunting, this included;
grasshoppers, ladybirds, caterpillars, spiders, flies, parasitic wasps, beetles and loads of leafhoppers.
Below is a picture of a huge beetle found by one of the children.

The pine cone feeders and tree leaf trail were also very popular and the children found all of the leaves on the sheet, these included oak, silver birch and mulberry.

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