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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Work experience

Recently we took on someone for a fortnights work experience. We were very happy with his work ethic and he was very hard working. He had to complete a list for his College of things he had done.
The list shows the variety of jobs we have to undertake with no week being the same.

I am currently studying at north Nottinghamshire College, and doing work experience at Rufford Country Park. Whist doing my placement I have carried out a large variety of tasks which I have enjoyed. Below is a list of those.

Planting Roses
Re-siting various shrubs and flowers
Assisting with opening and closing the site.  

Processed a fallen tree on the water side.
Transported limestone around the site.
Assisting with opening and closing the site.

Assisted with the process of tree felling.
Chainsaw maintenance.
Assisting with opening and closing the site.

Carried out limestone footpath repairs.
Felled a dead tree in gardens.
Collected brash from around the site.

Checking orienteering posts around the site.
Prepared new orienteering posts.

Hedge laying 
Helped open and close the site.

Pruning Roses
Assisted in relocating  an injured swan

Transporting Limestone.
Transporting tools around the site.
Assisted with opening and closing the site.

Carried out repairs to the children’s play area.
Watered various plants around the site.
Observed a tree specialist at work. 

Carried out  repairs to the children’s play area
Transported limestone around the site.

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