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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Pesticides, pond dipping and fledglings.

A busy week has seen many things happen at Rufford.
Lots of young birds have decided to make their way in the world, fledglings spotted include House Sparrow, Blue tit (see below), Robin and Swallows about to make the leap.

Alongside this a college group from North Notts College cam out to do some water surveying for us. They split into two groups and pond dipped off two platforms to see what was frequenting our Wetland Conservation Area. Results were counted and verified and the species listed below were found;
  • Water Boatmen
  • A huge Dragonfly nymph
  • Lots of other nymphs
  • Leech
  • Stickleback fish
  • Water Mite
  • Loads of tadpoles in various stages, some with legs forming
  • Freshwater Hoglouse
And to finish off on a positive note we all passed our PA6 Pesticides assessment.

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