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Friday, 24 February 2017

Storm Doris

As you might be aware, Rufford Abbey Country Park was closed yesterday due to the onslaught of 'Storm Doris'! 

Operational staff were on hand to monitor the park and discourage the hardy dog walkers. Woodlands can be very dangerous in high winds. 

This morning the Ranger Service and the Janitor team came in early to do a site inspection and assess the damage. Areas with a high footfall are prioritised - this includes all the main paths, commercial outlets, gardens and lawns. 

There were a few small trees across pathways but these were quickly dealt with. Amazingly the umbrellas outside the restaurant survived! 

One larger tree in the gardens had fallen and obscured the gate to the maze. We used the chainsaw to fell this tree safely. The trunk and branches will be cut into logs and, once properly seasoned, will be sold in the Courtyard. 

Luckily, our Conservation Volunteers will be in tomorrow to help with the remainder of the clear up. 

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